5 Tips to Keep your Swimwear Brand New and make the Quality last forever

5 Tips to Keep your Swimwear Brand New and make the Quality last forever

How many times did you have to throw away a swimsuit after just one year because it has become so thin and lost its stretchiness and shine? The lifespan of clothes in general is decreasing, due to the use of cheap materials for a production as cheap as possible. A lot of clothes end up on dumping grounds and this causes a lot of pollution. Fortunately, there is more and more awareness about the consequences and the number of consumers who want to do something about it is growing. 

Swimwear usually lasts even shorter than other types of clothes. This is because they are often worn in chlorinated and salt water. Whether you buy high or low quality swimwear, we can all take small action steps to keep the quality as good as possible, so that you won't have to buy new pieces every year. So how do we make swimwear last as long as possible and how do we maintain the quality? Here are 5 tips that help.


1. Look for pieces that are made of several layers of fabric (2 or even 3 layers)

The first tip is obvious. If you want your swimwear to last longer, you can always look for high quality swimwear. High quality swimwear is (most of the time) already made of multiple layers of fabric and the quality of the fabrics is usually better than cheaper ones and therefore will last longer. Swimwear that has more than 1 layer of fabric is thicker and the chances of it becoming see through are slimmer. When you are buying swimwear online, you can check the description of the product, most of the time it’s mentioned when a swimsuit has multiple layers.


2. Rinse with clear water after every use

Chlorinated water and sea water can cause damage to your swimwear if it's not properly rinsed afterwards. Chlorine not only weakens the elastics, it also causes the colors of the fabric to fade. That’s why it is very important to get rid of the chlorine particles as soon as possible.


3. Dry in the shade

Sunlight can cause the fabric to bleach. Therefore it is best to dry your swimwear in the shade instead of direct sunlight. It is even better to dry your swimwear hanging inside out, that way the outside of the swimsuit remains in the best possible state. 


4. Hand wash in lukewarm water

Whenever you want to wash your swimwear with soap, it is best to do it in lukewarm water (30℃). Fill up your sink with lukewarm water and soap(preferably a mild detergent) and let it soak for one hour. Afterwards rinse your swimwear with cold water and let it dry in the shade. Never machine wash your swimsuits, this can break down the materials quickly. 


5. Try avoiding wringing out your swimwear

When you want your swimwear to remain in the best possible state you have to handle the pieces with care to avoid damaging the elasticity. It is important to avoid harsh cleaning techniques such as washing machines or even wringing out and twisting your swimwear to release excess water. It is best to place your swimwear between your hands and squeeze your hands together to release the water. 

In short, whether you buy high or low quality swimwear, we can all take a few steps to ensure that our swimwear lasts as long as possible and help the world one step at a time.

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